Building Community

We believe that forming community and connections with fellow church members is very important. To help in the forming of this community, we encourage you to take part in a number of activities.

Sunday School and VBS

Educating adults and children in our Christian faith is an important work of the church. We have a Sunday School program for both adults and children which runs from September to June. The discussion oriented adult classes provide an opportunity to know and understand each other better.

Holding a one week Vacation Bible School program during the summer also provides an opportunity to get to know other adults and children in the church.

Youth Ministry

We have two Youth groups at Foothills – a Jr. high age(grade 7-9) group and a Sr. high youth group (both in addition to Sunday school classes). Each of these groups have two events every month. These bi-weekly youth gatherings are often held at the church or at the home of one of the group members. As a community of  faith we seek to have a youth program that creates a space for belonging and connection. We try hard to make each student feel at home and a part of the group. Our groups, both Jr. High and Sr. High, are usually 8-12 students. We focus on being welcoming to all who come. We also work at  faith formation, helping students foster their connection with God through devotional times and retreats. Our prayer in that all youth realize they are fully loved by God and have a place in God’s work in the world through Jesus.

Coffee Hour

An informal coffee hour is held most Sundays, during Sunday School hour from September to early June, and after worship in the summer. There are also a number of coffee groups that meet on a weekly basis.

Small Groups

There are a number of informal small groups within the church. These vary from evening study groups that centre on bible or book study, to those with special interests (like crokinole) , or walking, hiking and exercise activities.

Other groups meet to help meet society needs. They may serve with social service charities, such as preparing meals for The Mustard Seed ministry or for Ronald McDonald House. Helping at the MCC Thrift Shop helps with recycling, raising funds for the relief, development, and peace building work of MCC, and providing socialization with like minded volunteers.

Seniors Visitations

As we grow older, regular church attendance may become a challenge. A number of volunteers within the church work to keep connected to those whose illness or mobility restrictions make it difficult to come to worship regularly. A Senior’s Lunch is also held a number of times over the winter months.

Church Retreats and Study Weekends

We typically hold a less formal Church Retreat in fall to help people connect away from our normal city activities. Most years there is also a learning weekend with a guest speaker brought in to teach on some topic of current interest.

Our Community Covenant

As part of the Body of Christ, we are a diverse community. Given our varied backgrounds and influences, it is normal that we will have differing understandings. In the fall of 2015, the Church Board decided it would be helpful to create a “Community Covenant” to guide us toward Christ-like behaviour in all our interactions, particularly as we engage in challenging biblical/theological discussions. This covenant emerged after several months of meeting with focus groups across the church, and was given unanimous support in March of 2016.  This covenant appears on a poster in our foyer, we read it together before every membership meeting, and it informs our behaviour as members of this congregation.

Foothills Mennonite Church Community Covenant

In my ATTITUDES, I commit to:

  • remember that our church is Christ’s church, and we are all partners in it
  • embrace diversity and differences as opportunities to learn and grow
  • respect each person, accepting that their views grow from their own faith experience
  • practise humility, as each of us has limited understanding
  • forgive others as God forgives us, and commit to pray for our leaders and each other

In my ACTIONS, I commit to:

  • listen carefully and ask questions for clarification as we seek to understand each other
  • speak gently and calmly so that others can hear me and are not hurt or threatened
  • share truthfully so that my views and concerns are clearly expressed
  • speak for myself, and allow time for others in the community to be heard
  • bear with others in love and compassion, showing mercy and withholding judgment
  • agree to disagree without malice, remembering that we are all children of God
  • continue to dialogue and engage in the life of the church as true partners in Christ